Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

There you are, driving down the highway without a care, when suddenly a light comes on in your dash!  “Service Engine Now”, or “Check Engine” is what is says, but just how important is it to get this checked out?

When that light comes on, it means that a significant change has happened to create a malfunction in an engine operating system. By storing codes, the Engine Control System computer (ECS) will tell your technician exactly what component was bad, and the operating conditions at the time of the fault.

At Posey’s Pro Truck, we have the latest equipment needed to pull the codes from your computer and assess the problem. We can diagnose and repair any “check engine” condition, and have the expertise and equipment needed to say LIGHTS OUT to this issue!  Call Posey’s Pro Truck as soon as a light appears, as some problems if left too long could cause severe engine damage!

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Regardless of the model and make of your vehicle, our experienced Auto Service Shop can provide it with a full garage service.

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We are a full service and performance auto repair facility located in Trout, LA. We service foreign & domestic cars & light trucks.