Belts / Wipers


Rubber parts on your vehicle can take a beating, as they have to face the elements in many different ways. And usually by the end of Winter, your windshield wipers are due for replacement so they can keep things clear for the rest of the year. It’s important to keep them in good working order, as they will deteriorate over time and can scratch and etch your windshield, costing far more than blade replacement!

Serpentine Belt(s): These are your drive belts for accessories driven off your engine, like your air conditioning and alternator. They can fail from the many cycles of heating and cooling that go on in that environment. Once it breaks, there will be no alternator to recharge your battery, so the vehicle will stall and you’ll be stranded. Any sign of fraying or chipping means it’s time to replace a serpentine belt.

Timing Belt: Most vehicles today use an internal timing belt that controls timing of the engine. Much like your serpentine belt, it is made from materials designed to extend its life in a hostile environment. But, they do suffer wear over time and most manufacturers recommend replacement at some point between 80,000 and 120,000 miles. Failure to replace this belt can lead to serious engine damage, even complete destruction on some engines!

At Posey’s Pro Truck, we want your vehicle to be safe for family travel at all times. Please call us at (318) 992-4146 for an appointment at the first sign of any of these items showing wear.

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